by Monika Kamieńska Director of the Academic Centre of
Artistic Initiatives

“Act of Seeing: Realities in the Making” by The Oxford Triptych artists

From 28 to 30 September 2016 a unique exhibition took place at the Academic Centre for Artistic Initiatives: The Oxford Triptych. This art exhibition can be compared to a theatre performance because images “spoke” to the audience. Spectators were given the opportunity to hear “the voice of the art”. What they “heard” and felt depended on the level of awareness and commitment of the individual. Participants of the exhibition were not only adults but also young people from Lódz post-gymnasium schools. To our surprise, most of the viewers were engaged with, and attentive to, the presentation and analysis of the paintings by Barbara Gorayska. Frequently, questions were also raised and the young people’s dialogue with the Creators evolved spontaneously. Such events are a valuable experience for young people; they invite reflection on general affairs and provoke a discussion of the meaning of life.