Category: reviews

The Complexity of the Final Painting

By Steve Taylor, Artfusion. Understanding the intricacy of a painting may involve following the evolution of an artist’s ideas from preliminary sketches and drawings on paper, through preparatory…

A Society in Crisis

A review by Steve Taylor, Artfusion. When first viewing Barbara Gorayska’s newly completed work one is instantly reminded of George Grosz’s The City. Its imagery attacks the viewer…

Keeping an Eye on the Multiverse

by Steve Taylor, Artfusion Most of us are accustomed to watching 2-D; even though characters on the screen appear to have depth and texture, the image is actually…

Questions of Science, Ethics and Culture

By Steve Taylor, Artfusion The post-human future is here. What kind of post-humans will we be? Our origins, our self-identity, and the ramifications of genetic discoveries are the…

A Blend of Ideologies

Barbara Gorayska’s most recent work takes cues from one of Western arts most dramatic historical paintings, the1793 painting Death of Marat by Jacque-Louis David and blends these with…

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