The art event was well attended. The majority of circa 350 visitors were local High-School students of Fine Art, photography, filmmaking, script writing or English, invited by the Director of AOIA.

Many interesting and inspiring comments, or requests for private art lessons, were immediate, verbal and unrecorded.

Judging by the written entries in the visitors’ book or on board, upon exit, which came from 53 attendees, the event had a great educational value.

The patrons, private guests, and schoolteachers experienced “a journey in-between worlds” that “permeated deeply into hidden layers of their consciousness” to “discover their very selves”. Some recognised “a new approach to painting”: “surprisingly symbolic”, “multi-dimensional scenes” with “hidden meanings” “requiring knowledge and an extremely focussed mind.” To one visitor: “the child’s eyes inspired hope and love that would build good relationships between people: men and women.”

To the young students the event was “impressive”, “astonishing”, “incredible”, “superb”, “cool”, “intriguing”, or “totally unexpected”. Some “felt ecstatic by what they had seen”, “inspired to create their own art” and would look at paintings from there on in a different way. Others were “surprised how ART could influence human lives”: “Theatre – expressing emotions that were an inspiration for an artist to create a painting, and photography that showed the truth – process of creating, emotions from the painting and the artist – a god in the world of art.” One student wanted to “be a photographer like Mr Simon Murison-Bowie” while another admitted the event was “the best spectacle he had seen in his life with no exception.”