• Caravaggio whose work, in the words of Simon Schama, cries out ‘Truth” about all else

  • Turner and Rothko’s atmospheric use of colour

  • Picasso’s Guernica

  • Goya painting for posterity

  • David’s skill, pointed out by Tom Gretton, to give true power to his work not by what he allows us see in it but by what he choses to exclude

  • Giorgione’s stormy landscape surrounding social outcasts

  • Bruegel’s biblical allegories

  • Chagall and his dream-like world

  • Leonardo’s emotive group narratives and his ability to encrypt himself in the picture

  • Ensor’s love of masks

  • Pacheco’s modernised religious tales

Some of my earlier works are reminiscent of the Commedia Dell’Arte or church murals such as the Doom: Heaven and Hell in South Leigh and The Virgin and
Child in South Newington, Oxfordshire.

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