Two visitors came again to personally thank the artists for the impact the show had on their lives. One wrote a letter expressing how it contributed to the life long search for the truth about love, in hope and justice. The other one composed a poem of thanks and wishes quoted in full below.

Thanks and Wishes
Katarzyna Mróz, 2016-09-28

Life is all about ‘I can do’ and ‘I want to’
We always can
even we don’t know it.
Problem is with we want to.
If you come to the conclusion that you want to,
you are happy.
But if that feeling comes to you unexpectedly
the way you never thought it would,
it is stronger, more powerful and gives more happiness.
Not all of us can make somebody want to do something.
I want to thank you.
Barbara said that the symbol of wisdom is an owl.
I believe it is the road,
that everyone walks on.
It is unique, private, fickle, beautiful.
I wish you that
on road of every human being
there was the space for you to fit in.
I thank you for your message.
I wish you to send your message further.