Steve Hay

Steve Hay is an Oxford-based Scottish actor. He lives on a boat in and around Oxford. He is a founding member (with Gerard Robinson and Kerry Steed) of the Oxford Actors Network, and has performed with many Oxford-based theatre companies, notably Joe Graham’s Balancing Act (A Fistful of Mondays, and Spare Prick), Lizzy McBain’s Under Construction (BOSS and Hidden Spire), Rebecca Mordan’s Scary Little Girls and Sarah Franklin’s Short Stories Aloud. Further afield he recently played JM Barrie in The Mythmakers, which played at the Charing Cross Theatre in London’s West End and toured to New York. On screen he had roles in The Search for Simon (Martin Gooch) and Heckle (Robbie Moffat), and two shorts directed by James Card for Thorny Devils (Shrinking Violet and A Quiet Courage). He has also appeared in several music videos for Oxford-based band Candy Says.

In his spare time, he works at the Old Fire Station making sure everyone is happy, and in The Old Bookbinders in Jericho doing the same. He used to be a journalist, and sometimes still is. He does other stuff too.