Barbara Gorayska, an oil painter and member of the Oxford Art Society, has interest in images set in a place where different realities transform into one another. Of paramount importance to her has always been a tension between the abstract and the real, the old and the new, the personal and the public, the ugly and the beautiful, the moral and the amoral or the immoral. Her works pose questions and invite viewers to search for answers in their own hearts. She often incorporates a selective, symbolic voice of the old masters (e.g., Caravaggio, Turner, Rubens, Blake, Da Vinci, among others) to create an aura of eternal truths about what it means to be human and emphasise the continuity of art language that to her is timeless.

Theatre of E-Morals: Thrill, 2014

Her artwork was exhibited in Oxford: at the Jam Factory, Said Business School, Modern Art Oxford, and Art Jericho; in Lerryn of Cornwall; in London: at The Science Museum and Digital Catapult Centre; and in Vilnius.

Universal Dilemma, 2011

The Day Love Conquered Cyber Verse, 2011

Since 2011, as Artist in Residence at Oxford University, she had been taking inspiration from two projects that address ethical issues in responsible technological innovation and Cyberspace communications. That led her to collaborate with Steve Hay, who organised a group of actors, including him, to model for her triptych Theatre of E-Morals, and a photographer, Simon Murison-Bowie, who documented the processes involved in the creation of the paintings. More information about her or her work can be found at