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Commissioned Paintings

Truths, Myths, Metamorphoses Ruskin Art Exhibition

Ruskin College showed Barbara Goryska’s exhibition Truths, Myths, Metamorphoses in June 2018. The Artist was there, talking about the paintings to attendees, alongside displays about the work.


Preparatory drawings for commissioned portraits

VIDEO: Barbara Gorayska – Theatre of E-morals

Barbara Gorayska: Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Barbara Gorayska was recently invited by the Royal Society of Arts (the RSA, or, more formally, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) to…

Universal Love

Exhibition in Poland

The show is a legacy of Barbara Gorayska‚Äôs five year engagement as a pro bono Artist in Residence in support of two Oxford University projects that promote responsible…

Chagallesque at office of the Human Centred Computing

Chagallesque is on permanent display at the office of the Human Centred Computing research group, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.

Memento Mori at Kings Arms Oxford

The Kings Arms, Oxford have bought Memento Mori and will be putting the painting on permanent display early 2017.

Sweete Wittie Souls Book Talk And Art exhibition

Took place on Thursday April 2016 21st – 4:00pm Kings Arms pub – The Wadham room Author and Oxford Shakespeare jubilee director, Tom McDonnell gives a talk on…

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