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Memento Mori at Kings Arms Oxford

The Kings Arms, Oxford have bought Memento Mori and will be putting the painting on permanent display early 2017.

Sweete Wittie Souls Book Talk And Art exhibition

Took place on Thursday April 2016 21st – 4:00pm Kings Arms pub – The Wadham room Author and Oxford Shakespeare jubilee director, Tom McDonnell gives a talk on…

Paintings as Objects

Simonsphotos Simonsphotos Album Paintings as Objects Simons Simons Album Paintings as Objects Simons2 Simons2 Album Paintings as Objects Simons3 Simons3 Album Paintings as Objects Simons4 Simons4 Album Paintings…

Borderlines Gallery

Self Portrait Self Portrait Album Borderlines Gallery Category Fine Art Singularity 2 Singularity 2 Album Borderlines Gallery Category Fine Art Singularity 1 Singularity 1 Album Borderlines Gallery Category…



  Metamorphosis oil on canvas 102cm x 132cm, 2015  

Pragmatic Acts in Fine Art

Can artists do the same things with images in their paintings that we all can do with words? In Linguistic Theory, pragmatic acts are what we do with…

Art and the Little Brain of the Heart

Parallels between Art and Language become clearer when we consider the philosophical attempts to answer the question ‘What is Art?” Bell’s Significant Form reminds us of syntax. Wittgenstein’s…

The Complexity of the Final Painting

By Steve Taylor, Artfusion. Understanding the intricacy of a painting may involve following the evolution of an artist’s ideas from preliminary sketches and drawings on paper, through preparatory…

A Society in Crisis

A review by Steve Taylor, Artfusion. When first viewing Barbara Gorayska’s newly completed work one is instantly reminded of George Grosz’s The City. Its imagery attacks the viewer…

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