The show is a legacy of Barbara Gorayska’s five year engagement as a pro bono Artist in Residence in support of two Oxford University projects that promote responsible technological innovation and thoughtful, respectful ways of being in Cyber World. It encourages self-reflection in formulating answers to larger questions: “What is a work of art to me?” “What meaning can I make of what I see and hear around me?” “Will my present experience alter the ways I create value in life for myself and others and make the world a safer and better place?” All are welcome.

“The Act Of Seeing: Realities in the Making” will run on the 27th – 30th of September with a retrospective on the 1st – 7th of October 2016.
It takes place at the Academic Centre for Artistic Initiatives, Łódź, ul. Zachodnia 54/56, Poland.

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